Creature Feature - Such Horrible Things
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Such Horrible Things - Creature Feature 

I have two defining facial features my insomnia lines from earlier in my life that run in two lines down my cheeks and frown lines that show on my mouth.

My feelings and life anymore. 

A darkness exists in my soul

Filled with disdain and hate I see people stupid people repeating the same mistakes 

They mock me call me fat and ugly I feel like shit again I have lost weight I’m trying not to go bulimic again

I don’t feel loved or very well liked

I drove away a man I love and I am too much a coward to admit the love I feel for my little pagan witch girl a friend I was born beside and my fiancee hates me she goes out to lovers who cater to her needs better than I do

I have allowed her to take lovers as long as she tells me yet my poly amorous love for two others lies unfulfilled and lost or broken

I work hard lost my car and managed to get a new one and I am finally in a decent job

I have lost so many friends who have either died or drifted away

I carry so much weight on my head that I am breaking

I have lost most of my family to death, hatred, or something of a mix of the two

I can never be happy or fulfilled for long

I am a freak who loves people as they are regardless of gender

I have two loves I will never get one I admitted my feelings to and due to his extreme christiandom he abandoned me

The other a beautiful blond pagan wiccan witch  I grew up with and I am too cowardly to tell her I love her and finally let fly my 24 years of loving her 

I need friends, I need to know i am not a failure, I feel lost

I am living a life much like how monsters are born 

I refuse to become like them 

Thoughts and questions are welcome


Latex Designs by Renee Masoomian xx Jeszikalynn


Latex Designs by Renee Masoomian
xx Jeszikalynn


Destin Dern


Destin Dern